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its august...thats crazy
its also Madonna's birthday...and two weeks til mine.
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So life is good. There's not much else to say. School is good, friends are good, family is good. It's finally spring after a long and tough winter. The band trip is in exactly one month from today and prom is exactly one month after we get back. I feel strangely invincible, like nothing can take this feeling away. This past month has been the most refreshing and happy I've been in a while and it seems to be just getting better. New york will be thoroughly enjoyable I believe. Despite a 16 hour bus ride with people such as trombone boy, ben holmes and rj, I'm sure it will be thrilling. Anyway I am heading in later to the gym and the to get Fierah and meet Kayla for some mingling and I have to buy gloves for dissecting tomorrow. fun times.

I traded fame for love
Without a second thought
It all became a silly a game
Some things cannot be bought

I got exactly what I asked for
Wanted it so badly
Running, rushing back for more
I suffered fools so gladly

And now I find
I've changed my mind

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Why do bad things happen to good people? If anyone can answer that question they have solved live in general. Ok so most of you know about my whole march break plans. Well 2 weeks ago today my grandmother fell and broke her leg. She's the best person I know and I adore her! anyway she'e staying with us while she recovers. My mom unfortunately got the flu and had to take care of my grandmother while barely being able to take care of herslef. I helded as much as I could but I had to go to school. Finally mom gets better and now theres the question "where will grandma stay when we're away?". Luckily we got her a place to stay in montague home and she's totally fine with it. Then when I got home thursday I find out that my grandfather is in the hospital. I went to see him today and it was not good. It kills me to see him the way he is. He can barely breath and can't remember anything. The doctors say he should be okay by next weekend but I don't know. So If he does get better we will still be going away but as things are now it looks sketchy. I just want my grand parents healthy again.
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New semester as of today! French Sociology is going to be good I think. At least the teacher seems great and I like the people in the class. Biology...what can I say? Ms. Gill is back and all is right with the world. Gluteus Maximus? Band Band Band Band Bam! I love band. Calculus....why why why did I take it?
 anyways I got thrown for a loop today! Turns out Borat isn't a real person....I mean he's Ali G. Ya know what else? He's the limo driver in Madonn's video for music! Did everyone else know this or am I just really behind.
I digress.
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Why am I so restless? Just sitting down here I can't take it. I feel like things are speeding and I have keep up. Even with so much to look forward to I just can't seem to find myself content. I'm at such A weird place in my life right now. On one hand I know that yes, I'm seventeen and want to be out all the time enjoying my teenage years and just doing what teenagers do. On the other some I like being young and goofy and can be perfectly happy doing that. Another thing: Why are friendships so hard to maintain. It just seems like it inevitable that I'm just drifting away from too many people. Even more discouraging is when dispite MY efforts I am basically left behind by some people. Does our friendship not matter enough to put something into it? AGH the times they are changing.
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Good things:
-Exams are over...good or bad I don't have to deal with them any more.
-French is over.
-Band Monday!
-Epic Movie = Surprisingly funny.
-Fierah and I are, respectively Carmen Electra's left and right breasts.

Good things to come:
-Caribbean Cruise en March
-Warm weather
-New York in May with band peoples.
- Prom

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So here it is. Keep in mind that this is unedited raw can be shocking at times so please watch this at your own discretion.
Smiles are free-The order.

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This is a look at my best/funniest/most memorable moments from 2006. The are by month and for the most part in order.

  • New Year's day brought a surprise party for Kayla. Although I missed the actual surpise bit, it was still a good time had by all.
  • I attended Hilary Duff's most wanted tour in Moncton with Lianna, and in a cool coincidence Sarah and Emily were on the same bus with us. The concert was awesome and Sarah's glasses broke...only to be fixed with tape, harry potter style.
  • Of course, the omnipresent rehearsals were getting into full swing. Ballroom dancing anyone?


  • Kara's birthday party at the Holiday Inn...oh crazy times.


  • March Break involved a trip to Toronto for me and my brother to visit my sister, Lisa. Lots of shopping, eating, and visiting Lisa.
  • The day after we got back from T.O. my parents left for Cuba. Marieke lived with us for a week! It was a crazy, fun time.


  • As cast rehearsals increased so did cast um...parties! Good friday brought a party at the lovely Sarah Dorans. Good Friday will never be the same.
  • Dress rehearsals began and our lives outside the stage became non-existant.


  • The big moment had finally come: The performance of Cinderella at the Confederation Center. Microphones, make up, warmup, dancing to "Pump It", and finally in the wings wait for that first moment when we could go on stage. Ok, i'm getting sentimental. I made friends and had experiences I will never forget.
  • May 6th, the final show. Very emotional to say the least.
  • May 6th. The cast party. Brackely Shelters. The whole cast, crew, orchestra and make up/dressers equals a whole lot of teenagers. Need I say more.


  • The last month of grade 11.
  • The last day was awesome! I didn't really do anything overly special but still and extremely fun day. Me, Kayla, Ross, Stephanie and Christine drove downtown. It was a stunningly nice day and we walked around, ate at subway, shopped around and just had lots of fun. After we went to Stephanie's for a fun time in the pool. Then Laura came from Riverview for CRHS prom. We left Christine and Laura at Christine's house and went to Kayla's for some HSM and food. Me and Ross built a gazebo....and then left to watch all the happy people at prom walk-in.


  • Work started at the outlet. The staff there was so cool and fun. A good job to be sure.
  • A fun trip to Cavendish with Kayla, Kara and Laura. Kayla drove me out to Vacationland to get Kara and Laura. We drove to Cavendish and visited the boardwalk, ate at subway and went to the beach. The beach is nice, we take pictures and stuff. However, the evening did not go off perfectly. Not to name any names but someone locked the keys in the trunk....the cavendish is a litle creepy at 10:00 at night.


  • Can anybody say Tequila Tuesday?
  • Drinking Game Monday...a rather embarrasing fun and spontaneous night...only a select few can really appreciate.
  • Volunteering with Ashley though the whole summer. I loved having an excuse to see Ashely every week! I will never forget your face Ashley upon being asked to deliver a large bag of adult diapers.
  • Julie's Birthday. Lots of food, lots of people, Ross sees God in a firework...quite the party. Very good cake,
  • My Birthday. Lots of people in attendance. Laura, Steph, Christine, Kara, Kayla, Ben, Julie, Ross, Ashley, Todd, Kyle, Melanie, Fierah, Marieke and Julia. An awesome birthday with karaoke, bonfire, food, etc.
  • Super-fun-road-trip-to-moncton. Me, Marieke, Kyle and Julia went to Moncton for a day. We ate at Mike's for breakfast and bts shopping for the afternoon.
  • My actual birthday...I think I worked. and stayed up all night making a four-headed t-shirt for...


  • The biggest event of the entire summer. The Black Eyed Peas concert! The whole day was a completely fun and crazy time. I loved every minute of it. From Ross being drunk at noon to wearing a four headed t-shirt in hopes of meeting fergie. The pussycat dolls were HOT and the black eyed peas had a ridiculous and awesome show. After that we slept over in Ross's basement. haha....snakes on a plane.
  • School starts...nothing too exciting.


  • Greg, Aaron and Lauren came home for a month from Australia. It was so amazing getting to know them and I miss them a lot. We went out for lunch one day: Me, Aaron, Lauren, Lianna, Lydia, Melissa and Kara at Pat and Willy's. A good time was had by all!


  • Grad photos taken at sear's with Kayla, Fierah and Ross. We ate wendy's and then went to Sear's. Kayla and her mom are so awesome and paid for it. They also got us copies (see december). After that Party at Helen Murph's and a very strange drive home with kayla's dad.
  • I got kidnapped one night by Caitey and Samantha. Kara was the accomplice and beth drove the getaway van. "20 mcnuggets and 5 waters please."
  • Me, Kayla, Ross, Fierah, Kara and Lydia went to the Gahan House and then to Casino Royale. Afterwards Ross endangers our live on the drive home as well as a fox's. Also of note: Ross isn't very good at stealing or changing signs.


  • Sarah Doran had a hilarious party. Lets just say everyone had a gooooood time.
  • Always an awesome month. One of the highlights was the source for sports christmas party. I went with Lianna and we had such a fun time (even if we did climb 10 flights of stairs...haha). After we ate me and Lee went to Kayla's annual Christmas party. Everyone had a really good time and looked good. Kayla gave me my grad pictures and fierah gave me Pirates of the Carribean. Of course, what night would be complete with out a trip to the canton cafe.
  • CHRISTMAS! Oh its the most wonderful time of the years. This years haul included: a camera, a sweater from hollister, a shirt from hollister, a coat, sneakers, two cds, Beverly hills 90210 on dvd, a book, hollister cologne, american eagle shirt belt and neckelace, and more stuff i can't think of. We went to terry and cathy ann's for dinner and my Grandmother in the evening.
  • Newyear's Eve 2006. Supper at East side's with Kara, Kayla Ben, Ross, Fierah, Lianna, Lydia and Liz. After a very brief stop at Browns court to drop people off me and ross and kayla hung out for a bit and then went home.

there it is from January 1st 2006 to December 31st 2006. If I forgot anything let me know! Happy 2007!

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